Northbengal Institute of Development Studies, Rangpur

"An organization for development research, capacity building and academic excellence"
Affiliated to National University College Code: 3252
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The present campus of NIDS located at NIDS Bhaban 142/1, Road 2/3, Islambag, R.K Road, Rangpur City has excellent communication links to all parts of Rangpur Division as well as outside the Division. The four-storied NIDS Building accommodates a lounge, an information desk/student counseling office, classrooms, seminar rooms, computer and research laboratories, the Principals’ office, administrative office, accounts office, teachers room, a students’ common room and a semi outdoor sitting plaza/open space (Prangan) in the ground floor of the building. The total area of NIDS buildings stands 10,800 square feet. The NIDS plans to shift its activities to the new campus in 4 to 5 years on the land (1-2 acres) to be purchased in a suitable place around Rangpur town.


NIDS has classrooms of various sizes, ranging from regular ones that can hold 30 students, to large ones with a capacity of 60 seats. Each classroom is fully equipped with students chairs, teachers lecture tables and white board. Some classrooms have, in addition to these, computers, multimedia and equipment that can be used for digital display. Furthermore, NIDS has access to facilities of collaborating research institutes for the use of teachers and students during field visits.

Computer Lab

Currently there is one lab at the NIDS building, which has a total of 15 computers. These are all personal computers with built-in multi-media connected. For all lab work, there is one computer for two students. Suitable UPS units back up electric power supply to all computers and peripheral devices. Furthermore, stand-by generators back up other electric equipment. All these facilities are continually being upgraded to keep pace with changing technology.

NIDS Library

The library is situated on the 2nd floor, which covers an area of 279 square feet. The library currently has over 2,000 textbooks, journals, magazines, research papers and other digital resources. E-mail facilities for individual students are available. The library online book catalog is expected to be available soon through the Internet. The library has a newspaper corner and a CD corneras well as a general study area.

IT Network

The IT Network of NIDS enables all members, students and faculty alike, to maintain personal user accounts with an email account and a home folder. In addition to this, all members can access certain common folders. This makes sharing and distribution of class lectures, assignments and other such information a mouse click away.