Northbengal Institute of Development Studies, Rangpur

"An organization for development research, capacity building and academic excellence"
Affiliated to National University College Code: 3252
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Greater opportunity for conducting research to address pertinent issues of northwest Bangladesh with regard to the national and global perspective, and for diversified and demand driven education.


  • Higher learning through research or new ideas
  • Responsive to the needs of individual citizen particularly youth, public group and agencies in Bangladesh
  • Co-educational and training institution to provide international standard education and training at a most reasonable cost

Major Objectives

  • Carry on action research, studies, and practical education for the advancement of general, technical, engineering, socio-technical, agricultural, environmental, legal, computer and information technology to meet the requirements of the northwest Bangladesh and the country in general commensurate with scientific and technological advancement in the world and thereby providing scope for building and molding the life, character and thoughts of the youths, students, civil society, NGOs, duty bearers, policy makers etc.

  • Establish database with regard to pertinent issues of northwest Bangladesh for the promotion of information technology to cope with the current technological advancement

  • Conduct specific studies for sharing development information on effective delivery of services/resources administered by Government agencies, NGOs and Private sectors

  • Arrange for institutional education, training, diploma and certificate courses in socio-economic program so that the youth and students may get vocational training and guidance and are engaged in country-wide socio-economic framework of activities

  • Publish literature journals, books, news bulletins and research work relating to social science, business, language, literature, science and technology, agriculture, engineering, community health, computer science and information technology

  • Carry on consultancy works, studies, projects etc. in environment, agriculture, health and family planning, education sectors, civil, mechanical, computer, irrigation and water resources engineering etc. either solely or in collaboration with any local or foreign organizations or to act as managing agent of any local or foreign organizations, governments, bilateral or multilateral donor agencies or institutions.


Northbengal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS) is affiliated to National University, Bangladesh in April 2014 (as per letter memo no. 07(pro-1255 Jati: Bi/Ka:Pa:/9700 dated 15 April 2014) and will be run according to rules and regulations of National University, Bangladesh. Certificate will also be issued by National University, Bangladesh.

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